A greyscale photo of Nicholas James Robert Bailey. The photo shows his head and shoulders. He has curly hair and is smiling. He is wearing a black jumper.
Nicholas James Robert Bailey BSc Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) Graduate
University of Kent

Education >

I'm a graduate computer science student specialising in artificial intelligence with a first-class degree from the University of Kent. During my studies I covered a wide range of computing technologies and practices, not only in AI but in many other areas as well. I also undertook a placement year as part of my course.

I learned and applied knowledge in pathfinding, neural networks, genetic algorithms, image analysis and data mining as part of my course, and also wrote my own set of slides for one of the modules so that my friends who did not pick the module can learn introductory elements of AI by themselves. Outside of AI I practiced skills in web development, pure algorithms, databases, functional programming, computing law, software engineering, HCI and mathematical logic. I am familiar with Python, Java, JavaScript and SQL, and have also used C++, Erlang, and VBA.

I am currently looking for work, preferably focused towards solving the UN sustainable development goals. I am also considering taking a cyber security course, as I feel that I am still very inexperienced with the security side of computing, and want to develop my skills in the domain in order to be a well-rounded and future-thinking developer.


Career >

I undertook a placement year as part of my undergraduate course. During my year at Plymouth Marine Laboratory I worked to recreate their GISPortal using modern JavaScript practices, with an emphasis on modularity and maintainability. I was also able to learn about drone technology, material science, and marine biology. I have also been employed part-time at Birdworld (a bird zoo) and Argos, both in my hometown.

Working at Plymouth Marine Laboratory exposed me to aspects of web development that were not covered in my degree, including Node.js, Handlebars HTML, ES6 and transpiling, SASS CSS, and my favourite, D3. D3 was particularly interesting to me, as it was very powerful and versatile once I understood it, but very unlike standard JavaScript programming.

I am currently looking for a job where I could apply my skills to something which would truly benefit the world, particularly in terms of contributing to the UN Sustainable Development goals. I think computing is a sector which can have a great impact on improving people's lives, and would love the chance to be involved in a worthy project. I also have ideas of starting my own company in the future, but am currently planning to get some experience working in an established startup first.


Interests >

I have a wide variety of interests outside of computing. I think having a broad knowledge base is a crucial aspect to creative work like programming, as I believe innovation comes about through combining knowledge from multiple areas into a single product. My favourite example of this is a story about improved memory allocation based on natural penguin colony management.

My interests involve British and European politics, singing, carpentry and product design. I have performed live on multiple occasions as part of the Plymouth A Cappella society and the Kent Sing society, and have organised events as part of my university's Darwin Student Committee. In terms of technology, I like to keep up to date with advances in prosthetics, natural language processing, and augmented reality. I am also currently learning Mandarin Chinese.

I also undertake some technical projects in my spare time, which sometimes get completed. Finished or not, these can be found on this site. I will also occasionally update my blog with my latest thoughts on different topics, usually politics.