This is the most basic version of the Swarm AI project. It is the first version to be published on the website. It has many restrictions, some of which will be removed with subsequent basic versions (definitions of the different versions can be found on the project page). The list of restrictions for this version can be found in the Limitations section below.

Bots (A) have the task of picking up bricks (b) from brick dispensers (B) and placing them at objective zones (O). The simulation ends once all objective zones have been filled. Bots are assigned a priority to allow them to solve disputes - for example, if two bots are going to crash into each other, the bot with the lower priority will calculate a new path which avoids getting in the way of the bot with higher priority, which will continue on its original path.

The 'tick time' refers to the number of milliseconds between each move. For example, if the tick time is 1000, then a bot will move every 1000ms, or in other words, it will move one position per second. Picking up or placing bricks also takes one tick.